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Weekend Specific

If you are interested in receiving an application for an upcoming weekend, go to Where We Serve and click on the facility you are interested in obtaining an application from. When prompted with an email, make your request and your application will be prayerfully considered by the upcoming Kairos Leader.

State Chapter

          EZRA and Supply Ordering
          KI Excellence Initiative Instructions 
          KI Excellence Initiative Checklist   
                    Setup for Excel 2003 
                    Setup for Excel 2007 
                    Instructions for Using The Spreadsheet 

          KO Excellence Initiative Instructions 
          KO Excellence Initiative Checklist 

          Kairos Torch Excellence Initiative Instructions 
          Kairos Torch Excellence Initiative Checklist   


          Request for Payment 
          Expense Reimbursement Form (Short Form) 
          Expense Tracking Form (Reimbursement) 
          Request for PPD Card Advance 
          Expense Tracking Form (PPD Card) 
          Receipt Log 

Kairos Inside 1 and/or 2-Day Retreats

                    2 Day Retreat Schedule
                    2 Day Retreat Leader's Talk
          Practical Christian Encouragement Themed Talks -
                    Talk #1 - Strive to Live in the Truth
                    Talk #2 - Loving is Better than Hurting
                    Talk #3 - Seek Christian Fellowship
                    Talk #4 - Love the Samaritan
                    Talk #5 - Destroying Hatred
                    Talk #6 - Carry the Christ-Light
                    Talk #7 - Pray Every Day
                    Talk #8 - What Would Jesus Do?

          Kairos Weekend Talk Themed (Choices) -
                    Talk #1 - A general introductory talk by the Retreat Leader
                    Talk #2 - Before setting goals, you must know...
                    Talk #3 - Making decisions/Making choices
                    Talk #4 - Losses/sacrifices embraced when we make choices
                    Talk #5 - Commitment
                    Talk #6 - Long term goals
                    Talk #7 - Short term goals and how they may interfere with long term goals
                    Talk #8 - You're In or You're Out

          Scripture Based Theme (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) -
                    Talk #1 - God is love
                    Talk #2 - Love is patient
                    Talk #3 - Love is kind
                    Talk #4 - Love does not envy
                    Talk #5 - Love does not boast
                    Talk #6 - Love is not proud - it is not selfish
                    Talk #7 - Love is not easily angered
                    Talk #8 - ...The greatest of these is Love
          Other scriptures that could be adopted (Matthew 5, Galatians 5:22-23, etc.)

          The Lord's Prayer Themed -
                    Talk #1 - Our Father in heaven
                    Talk #2 - Hallowed be thy name
                    Talk #3 - Thy kingdom come
                    Talk #4 - Thy will be done
                    Talk #5 - Give us this day, our daily bread
                    Talk #6 - Forgive us our debts
                    Talk #7 - As we forgive those in debt to us
                    Talk #8 - Save us from the power of evil

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