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Why Kairos Volunteers Shouldn't Advocate

What is advocacy? Advocacy means writing a support letter, writing or attending the Parole Board/hearing, going to any court or judicial hearing to show support, giving an inmate money {directly or indirectly}, or even doing a favor for an inmate - to name a few things. please know that when someone advocates for an inmate by representing them {verbally, written, or by presence}, that by is very nature involves becoming an advocate opposed to the Department of Corrections {DOC) or the Department of Juvenile Justice {DJJ}- We serve at the invitation of the DOC/DJJ and nothing we do should put our ministry in jeopardy. The Kairos Inside Manual {page t13 #29,, the (Kairos Outside Manual {page 7 #9} and the Kairos Torch Manual {page 6 #6} all say that we should always be only advocates for Christ. The Kairos Inside Manual states that we serve under the Warden and their rules (page 10 #9).  

NC DOC Polcies and Procedures

Volunteering in NC Correctional Institutions

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The volunteer program provides an opportunity for inmates to participate in programs that assist in their rehabilitation and return to society as law-abiding citizens. Citizens from the community enter facilities each day as volunteers. They perform numerous activities at the facility and escort eligible inmates to activities outside of the facility.Criteria for Participation. The Community Volunteer Program is available at all facilities. Requirements for participation vary by activity and facility.Program Operation. There is a volunteer coordinator at every facility who is responsible for the coordination of the Community volunteer Program. They recruit, train and issue certification and identification cards to volunteers.

The volunteer must complete a standard training offered by the facility. After completing the training, the volunteer will be issued an identification card.

Activities conducted or sponsored by volunteers at facilities include counseling, tutoring, religious services and special events.