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 Kairos Resident...

"‚ÄčKairos has left a permanent imprint on my heart. It was the first time I ever truly felt God's love. I will continue to carry the feeling of acceptance, unity, love, and peace for the rest of my life. Kairos rocks! 

I came from a family that didn't know God but after attending the Kairos weekend, I wish I could go back and tell them how awesome Jesus is! 

When I arrived on the Kairos weekend, my spirits were down. I asked myself "Were these people really real?" and "Did they have that much love to give?" The answer was YES! I never figured I could receive that much love! Just think, if they can love me that much, then how much does God love me? 

On the Kairos weekend, I found love and forgiveness. As the weekend went on, I realized that I was not righteous. The weekend showed me that what you get back, is sometimes what you don't expect. I haven't even scratched the supporting Christ. 

When I went on the Karios weekend, it was a time that changed me spiritually forever. One of the things that struck me on the weekend was that I was having so much fun, I didn't feel like I was in prison at all. 

Kairos is God's special time...which is endless, just as the love I feel for and receive from my Kairos family even after all these years after attending a weekend. No matter the time or distance apart we are family, because the love and the bond remains strong. God Bless Kairos."

Kairos Volunteer...

"Volunteering in a Prison Ministry was never on my bucket list, but when a friend asked me to do it, I could not say no to her and I am so thankful that I said yes. Kairos has allowed me to see the Spirit work. The change that occurs in the residents behind prison walls is so evident over the course of the weekend as they begin to truly feel God's love and forgiveness. I have watched so many of these women continue to grow in their relationship with Him as they remain faithful to this movement. 

While it was clearly evident what was happening to the women, it took some time for me to recognize what was happening to myself. I have become less judgmental, more forgiving and more patient. I am so much more aware of and grateful for all the blessings I have had throughout my life. I no longer take the simple things in life for granted. God has become so much more present in my life. I see Him in people around me. I feel His presence. It has been many years since I began my journey in this ministry and I still joyfully anticipate visiting Him behind prison walls."