Kairos Prison Ministries Locations


Collocated prisons

Some prisons, such as Avery Mitchell CI and Mountain View CI, are collocated or at very close addresses.  If you are looking for a particular prison use the search function to locate it or look for the fact that there are numbers at the bottom of the "pop up" description indicating how many prisons are located at that pin.  Click on the numbers to view the details.

NC Kairos State Contacts

State Position                Name                            E-Mail

       Chair                         Gene Gordon             chair@kairosnc.org

    Vice Chair                    Dean Starnes             vchair@kairosnc.org

     Secretary                    John Barker                Sec@kairosnc.org

Financial Secretary         Jim Chandler               fs@kairosnc.org

   Asst. Fin.Sec                Brett Kocjea               Asstfs@kairosnc.org

    Agape Chair                Sharon Pullen            Agape@kairosnc.org

Outreach/Vol Recruit       Pete Desloge            outreach@kairosnc.org

 Fundraising Chair          James Taylor          Fundraising@Kairosnc.org

 Website Dev Chair         Jack Atwell               Website@kairosnc.org

International Coun          Judy Watson              IC1@kairosnc.org

International Counci       Judy Luster                 IC2@kairosnc.org